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Salamander Tarot

The importance of vision in the midst of action


"Salamander symbolism teaches us to perceive impending changes and make adjustments to the best of our abilities rather than fighting inevitable changes. We should strive to evolve throughout our lives rather than fearing and trying to prevent it. Change is inexorable, so it’s best to put a positive twist on it."

My name is Dana. I am a Life Coach, Tarot Reader and Personal Trainer. I created Salamander Tarot with the idea to combine my coaching experience with my tarot insights to help you gain clarity and empowerment to allow you to take action when you are stuck in a challenging situation. I will use my tested knowledge, experience and intuition to assist you in your quest for understanding. By the end of our reading consultation  you will have a  clear plan on how to overcome your blocks, what you really want from the situation and be excited to take action.    


Pre-Recorded Audio Reading

This is the simplest way of having a question answered without the need for booking time in your busy schedule.

Special Readings

Here I offer readings on different topics appropriate for self-exploration and unanswered curiosity.



Been always skeptical about the  nature of tarot and concerned about the energy of it. Never made my mind up whether it`s something for me, something too occult, yet time to time I was curious about. My first ever reading with Dana however went  100% smooth. I had no expectations  and there was nothing witchy about it at all. I got a reading for the year and things were rather precise regarding to the past and present and as Dana suggested I take this reading as a self-reflection, as a wise advice to guide me through the year. I felt clear, comfortable, easy during my session and would definitely return.


I had a session with Dana and the experience was very refreshing. She is very sensitive and has great understanding of the cards which all together makes for a good reader and interpreter. She guided the session through a smooth flow and took the time to clarify and meet my requests. I will definitely have future sessions with her!


I was stuck in a highly stressful situation where iI had to make a life changing decision of which came with no guarantees. I worked with Dana in her life coach capacity as this decision was months in the build up and had months of consequence after. She was my saviour in helping me not only make my own decision but allowed me to feel 100% confident that it was the right one when I made it. I'm so excited for my new life and incredibly grateful to her for helping me ditch my old one.  


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