Goddess Archetype Reading

The Goddess Archetype spread is a nine cards, insightful reading designed to explore the expression of feminine energies within yourself, regardless of your gender. Embodied in nine different female characters, this spread intends to help you understand and apply your creative, intuitive and empathic abilities in practical ways.

Card 1: The Mother

The Mother card represents the creative and nurturing aspects of your character. All of us are endowed with creative potential and the ability to care (for others, causes etc.), and the card in this position intends to provide deeper insight into the ways in which you express these sides of yourself.

Card 2: The Virgin

The Virgin card refers to your self-image and the mysterious facets of your personality. The card in this position seeks to suggest how you may wish to celebrate your sense of self, through showing you the hidden, beautiful characteristics you possess.

Card 3: The Siren

The Siren card is one of attraction and sexuality. From highlighting the personality traits and characteristics which attract others to you to suggesting how you may – or may wish to – celebrate your sexuality, the card in this position takes a closer look at the sensual, secret sides of your being.


Card 4: The Sorceress

The Sorceress card seeks to uncover the ways in which you may try to control or manipulate (others, circumstances etc.). It is within human nature to act in such a way, so far from being critical, the card in this position seeks to suggest constructive behaviours and action steps which you can use to change your life.

Card 5: The Wise Woman

The Wise Woman card represents your intuition and instinctive knowledge. The card in this position aims to provide insight into your deeply held convictions: the things which you simply ‘know’ to be true, and ways in which you can better shape said knowledge to use it to your advantage.

Card 6: The Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother card refers to the gifts which you can offer the world. These are not material gifts but your inherent skills, talents and attributes which you can use to improve the quality of others’ lives. The card in this position also indicates how others perceive you and feel they can approach you; a useful insight if there is anything about this which you would like to change.

Card 7: The Wife

The Wife card bespeaks your devotional side, delving into your style and nature of commitment; here, commitment refers not only to personal connections but includes ideals, projects and causes as well. The card in this position aims to identify what you are ‘married’ to and the ways in which you express this attachment.


Card 8: The Hag

The Hag card seeks to root out the undesirable character traits and behaviours which may be lurking beneath the surface of your personality. The card in this position does not intend to make you feel ashamed or offended, seeking instead to identify ways in which you can redeem these aspects of yourself. All human beings possess dark and unattractive characteristics; it is by defining them that we may supplant them with their positive counterparts.

Card 9: The Amazon

The Amazon card taps into your courageous and determined side, taking a closer look at the things you are willing to fight for. The card in this position encourages you to develop your sense of courage and determination, suggesting methods which you may use to fulfil this. In defining what you care about the most, your resolve to persevere may well be strengthened as a result.

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