Terms and Conditions


All readings must be booked and paid for in advance online.

Hours of Operation

All online bookings are agreed on an individual basis and all pre-recorded reading questions will be responded to within 72 hours on confirmation of receipt. For all other correspondence I will respond as soon as possible. 


Refunds are only offered for pre-recorded readings if I do not keep the promised delivery time of 72 hours from the time of my confirmation on receiving the question. I do not offer refunds for any other reason or service. 

Online Readings

Readings done online via video chat rely on an internet connection. Occasionally, things may happen during a video chat session that are out of my control: A dropped call, loss of internet or wi-fi connection, power outage, service disruption, or computer malfunction on either the client’s side or my side is not something I can reasonably control, anticipate, or prevent. 

If we do get cut off or our session is disrupted, I will do everything I can do restore the call. If we lose significant time, I will stay on the call to make up lost minutes.

If we cannot re-establish our session due to technical difficulties, I will offer to reschedule the appointment, or give you a credit for the remaining time we have left.

I am not able to offer a refund for technical issues as my time is just as invested in this appointment as yours.

You can reschedule a booking to another date up to 48 hours before your booking time free of charge.

Accuracy and Predictions

I will always be honest about what I see in the cards, but I can’t make promises or 100% guarantees on any outcomes. Remember that when you get a reading, you are consulting an oracle. The information is based in intuitive, spiritual, emotional, and esoteric realms.

It is my experience that readings can help to reveal potential outcomes, but nothing will shape your future more than the decisions you make today. We are all responsible for our own paths.

I trust that you are entering into a reading with me with full consent and that you take responsibility for your own actions once our session is over. I take no responsibility for any action or outcome due to the reading.

If you’re not happy with your reading 

Make sure I am the right person for you before you book a reading with me. I encourage you to read through my website in advance and contact me with any question you may have. Every tarot reader will have a different style and approach to tarot and mine is down to earth and practical focusing on what you can do to improve the situation. If you are unhappy with your reading I cannot offer refund.